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Mise à jour du 5 janvier





Couverture peinte (Reginald Ben Davis)
Frontispiece de Bernard Greenbaum
Contents (sommaire) de Thomas Laidler (signé TL)


Textes illustrés

Jill-and That Brand-New Prefect - Ida Melbourne [Eric Lyth Rosman] (ill. Thomas Laidler - signé TL)


Baffled by Those Two Boys Campers - Patricia Stott (ill. Leslie Otway)


Pansy’s Surprising Day - Mary Moore [Wilfred McNeilly]


Jane - The Odd Girl Out - Marjorie Barwell (ill. D. Brook - signé)


Her Missing Norwegian Pen-Friend - Elizabeth Dale


Anne - A New Girl Under Suspicion - Penelope Desmond (ill. E.C. Julien)


The Picnic Nan Never Forgot - Mary Moore [Wilfred McNeilly] (ill. Rodney Sutton)


Dan and Gyp - Rival Sheepdogs - Evelyn Day [Eric Lyth Rosman]


A Cousin in Disguise - Shirley Dene


Hazel’s Puzzling Passenger on the Holiday Coach - Susan Morris (ill. Bernard Greenbaum)


Gallant Sir Billy (The Kid) - Ida Melbourne [Eric Lyth Rosman



Bandes dessinées

The Roses That Brought Romance (Susan Webster) – 8 pl. (E.C. Julien)



When Duke, The Wonder Horse, was Kidnapped (Jackson Family) – 8 pl. (Reginald Ben Davis)/NANO ET NANETTE n°178 (12.7.1960) à 181 (2.8.1960) : Le retour de Katy


Princess Anita and the Wishing Well – 8 pl. (Bill Mainwaring)/ NANO ET NANETTE n°186 (6.9.1960) à 189 (27.9.1960) : Anita Princesse Bien-Aimée


Only the Silent Three Could Help Her – 8 pl. couleurs (Valerie Gaskell)


Hilary – Brave Nurse of the South Seas – 8 pl.


Tuckshop Trudie to the Rescue – 9 pl. (Leslie Otway)


Dilly’s Village Green Adventure (Dilly Dreem) – 2 pl.


Peril for Her Royal Pupil – 8 pl. couleurs (E.C. Julien)


The Riddle of the Four Bells (Terry Brent) – 6 pl. (Bernard Greenbaum)


The Golden Tambourine – 8 pl.


Jenny – The Schoolgirl Trumpeter – 8 pl.