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Contents (sommaire) de Valerie Gaskell


Textes illustrés

A Family Plan for Mother’s Day - Ida Melbourne [Eric Lyth Rosman] (ill. Thomas Laidler - signé TL)


Wyn Unmasks the Alpine Plotters - Judy Thomas [Reginald G. Thomas]


The Riddle of the Jewelled Roses - Mary Moore [Wilfred McNeilly] (ill. Valerie Gaskell)


Pam, Wendy-and the Highland Phantom - Penelope Desmond (ill. Bernard Greenbaum)



Togo the Stowaway - Stella Sterling [Eric Lyth Rosman] (ill. Thomas Laidler - signé)



The Mystery of the Fashion Contest - Patricia Stott (ill. E.C. Julien)


Kidnapped-A Film Star’s Pet - Jane Preston [Reginald G. Thomas]



Jo’s First Day on Hurstcote Farm - Mary Moore [Wilfred McNeilly] (ill. Reginald Ben Davis)


A Wolf-Dog to the Rescue - Peg Miller


Surprises for Sally at St. Kit’s - Shirley Dene


The Snowman That Puzzled the Kid - Ida Melbourne [Eric Lyth Rosman]




Bandes dessinées

Foiled by the Silent Three – 9 pl. (Valerie Gaskell)

Wedding Bells-Thanks to Princess Anita – 8 pl. (Bill Mainwaring)/NANO ET NANETTE n°178 (12.7.1960) à 181 (2.8.1960) : Anita Pricesse Bien-Aimée

The Barrel Organ Ballet – 8 pl. (Bernard Greenbaum)

Jill Crusoe and the Stranger from the Sky – 8 pl. couleurs (Reginald Ben Davis)


That Baffling Jade Elephant (Duval’s Circus) – 9 pl. (E.C. Julien)


Their Perilous Journey to Totem Hill (Carol of Honeysuckle Ranch) – 9 pl.


Sports-Girl Dilly (Dilly Dreem) – 2 pl.


Ailina’s Desert Secret – 8 pl. couleurs (E.C. Julien)


Her Enemy in the Pottery Class – 8 pl. (Bernard Greenbaum)


Terry Brent’s Double Role – 6 pl. (Cecil Doughty)


Loyal to Her Skating Rival – 8 pl. (Bernard Greenbaum)