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Mise à jour du 15 octobre




Couverture peinte
Frontispiece signé V. Denham
Page-titre Valerie Gaskell
Contents (sommaire) Valerie Gaskell


Textes illustrés :

Rivals for the Venetian Musical-Box - Doris Graham [Doris Gravely]


The Clue of the Closed Umbrella - Judy Thomas [Reginald G. Thomas] (ill. Valerie Gaskell ?)


Her Secret Quest at the Farm - Sheila Austin [Stanley Edward Austin]


Loyal to the Circus Outcast - Doreen Gray



Detective Sally (Sally Warner) - Daphne Grayson [G. Cecil Gravely] (ill. Valerie Gaskell ?)



The Scarecrow That Came to Life - Elise Probyn [J. E. McKibbin]


Gaye’s Autograph Adventure at School - Janet McKibbin [J. E. McKibbin]



The Threat to Their Wild West Home - Sheila Austin [Stanley Edward Austin]


When Rover Was Under Suspicion - Jane Preston [Reginald G. Thomas]


The Girl Canoeists of Bear Park - Sheila Austin [Stanley Edward Austin]


Gillian and the Puzzling Boy Tourist - Jane Preston [Reginald G. Thomas] (ill. Valerie Gaskell)


Trixie’s Diary - Ida Melbourne [Eric Lyth Rosman]


Kathy’s Penny-Farthing Bike - Elise Probyn [J. E. McKibbin]



Bandes dessinées 

Rory to the Rescue – 6 pl.


Guardians of the Cazmel Casket – 8 pl.


Only Tess Could Save Their Play – 8 pl. (John Armstrong)


Their Thrilling Alpine Mission – 8 pl. couleurs


Pam’s Dancing Pen-Friend – 9 pl. (Tony Thewennetti)


Lola-The Outlaw’s Daughter – 9 pl. (Bernard Greenbaum ?)


The Risk She Took for Princess Tania – 8 pl. couleurs


Dolly and the Mystery Painting – 9 pl.


Susie’s Seaside Picnic – 2 pl. (Cecil Orr)


Her Pet on Probation – 8 pl. (Tony Thewennetti)