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Page-titre Valerie Gaskell
Contents (sommaire) Valerie Gaskell



Textes illustrés :

That Surprising Picnic Outing in Holland - Elise Probyn [J. E. McKibbin]


The Rival Carnival Queens - Doris Graham [Doris Gravely]


Trixie’s Diary - Ida Melbourne [Eric Lyth Rosman] (ill. Valerie Gaskell)


The Redskin Girl they Suspected - Sheila Austin [Stanley Edward Austin]


The Trickster at the Winter Sports - Patricia Stott


Princess Sally (The Merrymakers) - Daphne Grayson [G. Cecil Gravely] (ill. Valerie Gaskell)


Duffer Dolly and the Wishing Crystal - Hazel Armitage [John W. Wheway]


Autograph-Hunter Gaye’s Most Daring Ruse - Janet McKibbin [J. E. McKibbin]



When Their Chum Faced Expulsion - Margaret Henson


Lynn of the Merry Revellers - Doris Brookes [Doris Graveley] (ill. Valerie Gaskell)



The Mystery Guest at Sundown Ranch - Sheila Austin [Stanley Edward Austin]


The Clue of the Piggy-Bank - Judy Thomas [Reginald G. Thomas] (ill. Valerie Gaskell)



Bandes dessinées 

Bruce’s Thrilling Seaside Adventure – 6 pl.
Don Donovan : Their Secret Friend at St. Claire’s – 6 pl. (Robert MacGillivray ?)
Jenny of Smugglers’ Cove – 9 pl.
Their Quest on Forbidden Isle – 8 pl.


Susie and the Boy Apple-Pickers – 4 pl. (Cecil Orr)
Diana – The Girl Charioteer – 8 pl.
Staunch Allies of the Swiss Skater – 8 pl. (Bernard Greenbaum)
Their Masked Helper on the Riviera – 8 pl. (John Armstrong)


Narina’s Peril at the Blue Oasis – 9 pl.
The Threat to the Fourth Form Diver – 6 pl. (Valerie Gaskell)