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Page-titre de Thomas Laidler (signé TL)
Contents (sommaire) signé Thomas Laidler


Textes illustrés :

The Sports Coach She Mistrusted - Elise Probyn [J. E. McKibbin]


When Scamp Went to School - Elizabeth Chester [Eric Lyth Rosman] (ill. Valerie Gaskell ?)


Min Yo’s Exciting Birthday - Doris Brookes [Doris Graveley]


The Grey Ghosts’ Secret Enemy (The Grey Ghosts) - Dorothy Page [Stewart Pride] (ill. William Bryce-Hamilton)


They All Blamed the Jungle Girl - Renee Frazer [Ronald Fleming] (ill. Valerie Gaskell ?)


More Than a Match for Cousin George - Ida Melbourne [Eric Lyth Rosman]


Ninette-Skater of the Swiss Wayside - Joan Maitland


Kay’s Bid for Speed Fame - Rita Sterling (ill. Reginald Ben Davis)


The Ballet Shoes - Carolyn Bailey


The Dancing Girl’s Talisman - Gail Western [C. Eaton Fearn]


Linda of Smugglers’ Creek - Enid Boyten [Horace Eli Boyten] (ill. William Bryce-Hamilton ?)


The Duffer Who Surprised the School (The Fourth Formers) - Anne Gilmore [John W. Wheway] (ill. Reginald Ben Davis - signé)


When Sally Defied Superstition (The Merrymakers) - Daphne Grayson [G. Cecil Gravely] (ill. Valerie Gaskell - signé)


Her Perilous War-Time Task - Sylvia Macrae [C. Eaton Fearn]

The Christmas Film-Makers - Hazel Armitage [John W. Wheway] (ill. William Bryce-Hamilton)



Bandes dessinées :

The Mystery of the Museum (June Gaynor the Girl Detective) - 2 pl. avec texte sous images (Reginald Ben Davis ?)


Scottie and the Dog-Thief - 2 pl. avec texte sous images (signé WHC)