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Page-titre de Thomas Laidler
Contents (sommaire) signé Thomas Laidler



Uniquement des textes illustrés :
Her Challenge to the Boy Sheik - Elise Probyn [J. E. McKibbin]


Carol’s Strange Adventure in China - Enid Boyten [Horace Eli Boyten]


Not Wanted at the Holiday Chalet - Jennifer Day (ill. William Bryce-Hamilton)



The Mongrel Who Made Good - Marie Matheson [Dugald Matheson Cumming-Skinner]


Mystery at the Art School (Noel Raymond Detective) - Peter Langley [Ronald Fleming]


Kalana of the Frozen North - Joy Nesbitt


The Girl in the Grey Hood (The Fourth Formers) - Sylvia Macrae [C. Eaton Fearn] (ill. Thomas Laidler - signé TL)


The Harum-Scarums’ Surprising Half-Holiday - Dorothy Page [Stewart Pride] (ill. Thomas Laidler - signé)


The Outlaw’s Horse Her Only Hope - Gail Western [C. Eaton Fearn]

Johnny Briggs-Detective (The Merrymakers) - Daphne Grayson [G. Cecil Gravely] (ill. Valerie Gaskell - signé VG)



Loyal to the Phantom Cavalier - Anne Gilmore [John W. Wheway] (ill. Valerie Gaskell)


Marianne’s May Day Ambition - Denise Stanley


Chums of the Christmas Coach - Joan Maitland


The Madcap Masquerader - Renee Frazer [Ronald Fleming] (ill. Valerie Gaskell)