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Contents (sommaire) de Valerie Gaskell



Textes illustrés

Wanted - A Pet for Jennifer - Ida Melbourne [Eric Lyth Rosman] (ill. Thomas Laidler - signé TL)


That Baffling Bungalow-on-Wheels - Jane Preston [Reginald G. Thomas]


Carwyn Foils a Puppet Plot - Patricia Stott (ill. Thomas Laidler - signé)



Dinah and the Elusive Film Star - Shirley Dene


A Prefect in the Family ! - Stella Stirling [Eric Lyth Rosman]


Trudy’s Strangest Journey - Penelope Desmond


Cousin Chris Learns His Lesson - Wendy Wilkin


Dilly’s Channel Swim - non crédité


Bandes dessinées

A Christmas Mystery for the Silent Three – 8 pl. (Valerie Gaskell)


Loyal to King Charles – 9 pl. (William Bryce-Hamilton)


The Case of the Fourth Form Japer (Terry Brent) – 6 pl. (Cecil Doughty)


The Masked Gondolier – 8 pl. (Bill Mainwaring)


Their Secret Task at the Flower Carnival – 8 pl. (E.C. Julien)


Dilly Plans Tea for Two (Dilly Dreem) – 2 pl.


Jill Crusoe and the Enchanted Pool – 8 pl. (Reginald Ben Davis)


Flashing Gem Comes to School – 8 pl. (Bernard Greenbaum)