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Page-titre signée VG (Valerie Gaskell)
Contents (sommaire) non signé (Valerie Gaskell)


Textes illustrés :

Speed Girls of the Broads - Judy Lewis (ill. Reginald Ben Davis)


Captain for a Day - Jane Preston [Reginald G. Thomas] (ill. William Bryce-Hamilton)


The Secret of the Green Idol - Betty Robins


The Confessions of Mimi


Gwen’s Desperate Quest in Rhodesia - Catherine Bell



Wendy and the Mystery Kiddie - Sheila Austin [Stanley Edward Austin] (ill. Reginald Ben Davis)



She Dared All to Save Her Brother - Sandra Hamilton (ill. Thomas Laidler - signé)


The Rowing Champion They Mistrusted - Diana Morris


Penny Proves Her Worth - Catherine Bell        


The Merrymakers in Morocco - Daphne Grayson [G. Cecil Gravely] (ill. Valerie Gaskell - signé VG)


Janet and the Boy Bandit - Judy Thomas [Reginald G. Thomas] (ill. William Bryce-Hamilton)


The Master Who Mystified Mabs - Renee Frazer [Ronald Fleming] (ill. E.C. Julien ?)


Her Peril at Wrecker’s Cove - Dinah Thomson (ill. Valerie Gaskell ?)


The Phantom Jinxer of the Ballet - Sylvia Berrisford (ill. E.C. Julien ?)


The Rival Detectives of Abbey School - Heather Granger [John W. Wheway]


Bandes dessinées :

Noel’s Strange Seaside Find (Noel Raymond Detective) - 4 pl. (E.C. Julien)